Toolbox Blended Design Canvas (English version)


The Blended Design Canvas is developed by Blend It in 2018. The purpose of the canvas is twofold:

  1. Learning to make a blended educational design in a practical and activating way.
  2. Making the blended design process part of team development by facilitating the conversation around this subject.

This e-learning explains the design steps in the canvas. Together with the materials from the Toolbox, you can get started with your team on your blended education design. You already have the Toolbox in your possession (if you do not have it or would like to order additional materials, click here).

The Toolbox contains the following materials:

  • The Blended Design Canvas on A0-paper
  • 150 Learning activity Cards, consisting of 50 unique Learning activities
  • Blank Learning activity Cards to fill in yourself
  • 6 Pens
  • Sticker sheet to connect learning outcomes and Learning activities
  • Compact step-by-step plan with link and access code to this e-learning

How does it work?

The canvas was developed for design processes in teams of 3-6 people.

  1. Invite your team members to the e-learning by sending them the voucher code with the explanation. It will be helpful to complete the e-learning ahead of time, so you get right into the design process together.
  2. Plan the design session in a spacious room and reserve at least three hours. Invite your colleagues right away!
  3. Collect all the information and resources you need to create the educational design.
  4. Follow the steps as described in the e-learning and create the design.
  5. After the meeting, plan a second design session if necessary.
  6. Once the design is finalised, you will you will divide tasks, and make a plan to realize the design.
  7. Take the completed canvas to your office  and hang it on the wall to keep it ‘top of mind’!
  8. Agree on evaluating and improving the blended design after it has been implemented.

And now . . To work!

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