Blended Design Toolbox (English Version)


The Blended Design Toolbox facilitates the proces of creating a blended program design. The Toolbox structures the design process, ensures that everyone speaks the same language and makes the design process accessible and fun.

A handy box containing:

  • The Blended Design Canvas on A0
  • 150 Learning Activity Cards, consisting of 50 unique learning activities
  • Sticker sheet to connect learning outcomes and learning activities
  • Post-its
  • 4 Pens
  • Compact step-by-step plan with link and access code to the e-learning

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How does it work?

The canvas has been developed for design projects in teams of 3-6 people.

  • Invite your team members to the e-learning you buy with the toolkit by emailing them the link and access code.
  • Plan the design session in a spacious room and reserve at least three hours. Invite your colleagues right away!
  • Gather all the information and resources you need to create the educational design. If necessary, also arrange catering.
  • Follow the steps as described in this e-learning and create the design.
  • If necessary, plan a second design session after the first meeting.
  • When the design is finished, you make concrete agreements about who will develop what and what the planning will look like.
  • Take the completed canvas with you to your workplace and hang it there, so that it remains ‘top of mind’!
  • Make agreements about evaluating and improving the blended design after it has been implemented.

Would you like to get started with the Blended Design Canvas, but don’t want to facilitate the process yourself? Then contact Blend It for support and guidance.