Designing an Online Course



30 dag toegang

Welcome to this e-learning ‘Designing an Online Course’. In 45 minutes I am going to teach you the basics of designing your online course. The focus of this e-learning is defining your target group and online didactics, including little steps towards ICT and tools.

When I designed this e-learning I imagined you, the online student, as a lecturer in higher education. You have quite some experience as a lecturer and out of necessity you are now teaching online. Having taken the first steps in online teaching, you are now looking for more structure in your lessons and for a future proof course design.

What does this e-learning offer you?

  1. A compact and practical e-learning.
  2. Knowledge and assignments which you can immediately use.
  3. Feedback by email on your target group description.

The following topics are covered:

  1. The roles and mindset of a successful online teacher
  2. Insight into your target audience
  3. Conceptual thinking with the SUCCESS formula
  4. Design steps from vision to exam.

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